Raise dollars and spirits with a memorable A-Thon


Run remarkable A-Thons when you use the Winspire platform.



Effortless fundraising

Take pledges per-lap, per-hour, per-anything. Add unlimited participants and manage your goals and donations from a single dashboard.


Simple pledges

Donors enjoy a simple checkout experience when pledging. They can choose easy per-unit pledge or make a flat donation.


Automate collections

Say goodbye to manually collecting funds when you run an a-thon fundraiser. When it ends, the platform automatically charges your donors.

Boost participation among donors with your creative a-thon fundraiser

An all-inclusive fundraising system for running high impact A-Thons


Access the full suite of Winspire features for creative a-thons that make a difference.

Our dynamic fundraising platform was designed to help you simplify the a-thon fundraising experience for your organization and your donors.

From auto-generated participant fundraising pages and leaderboards to easy payments and instant collections – Winspire has what you need.


Effective A-Thon fundraisers do the hard work for you


Offline a-thon methods once made pledge donations a challenge. Now they’re easy!

Winspire gives you the ability to customize, automate and effectively manage a full-fledged a-thon fundraiser without any time-consuming manual work or limitations.

The professional platform feels easy to customize, and connects you to a wide range of useful features that simplify and super-power your team’s a-thon fundraising goals.

Get unlimited creative control with Winspire in your corner.


These powerful features make your a-thon one-of-a-kind




Create a branded page for your a-thon fundraiser




Add teams and leaderboards to inspire competition




Run any a-thon imaginable with unlimited participants


These built-in tools make it easy to maximize donations



Increase pledges with social sharing and dedicated links



Automate everything from pledge collections to emails



Inspire action with prizes attached to pledge goals


How much does A-Thon fundraising cost with Winspire?

Decide between the free or percent pricing options for your a-thon fundraiser


There are zero platform fees when you use our free pricing model. Optional donor tips allow us to offer the platform free of charge.

There are no subscriptions, no contracts, and no upfront cost. Winspire's free pricing helps you keep nearly 100% of the funds you raise.


Sometimes free pricing isn’t a good fit – for instance, when a sponsor covers the costs or you don’t want donors prompted for tips after checkout.

Percent pricing is an alternative to better suit corporate needs. A fixed percent is applied to each donation, and you decide who covers the cost.

Stripe will deduct 2.2% + .30c to process each credit card transaction (or 2.9% + .30c if not a nonprofit)

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