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Free Download:Charity Auction Catalog Template

One of the best ways to encourage more bidding on your biggest and best auction items is by showcasing them in a charity auction catalog. It’s common for charity auction catalogs to also serve as the event program and include information on the organization, its cause and the event itself.

Hiring a graphic designer can be prohibitively expensive for many Nonprofits, so we created this professionally designed auction catalog template so you can save money and do it yourself for free!

The goal is to make your live auction items as appealing as possible to entice guests to place more bids, thus generating more revenue from your event. A well-designed catalog does this by:

  • Creating a shopping experience: Donors are sophisticated buyers. A professional catalog allows you to feature auction items in an attractive and easily accessible way, giving guests the opportunity to browse and consider them before and during the live auction.
  • Educating donors: Guests are going to be more comfortable spending large sums of money on an auction item if they have plenty of information about what they are buying.

Charity-Auction-Catalog-TemplatesHere is a list of essential elements to include in an auction catalog:

  1. Cover
  2. Welcome Letter
  3. Event Agenda
  4. Special Thanks/Acknowledgments
  5. About Organization
  6. Live Auction Introduction
  7. Auction Items
  8. Sponsor Recognition

This template includes each section, along with instructions for how to place pictures and text to create a professional quality auction catalog for your event.

Click here to to view a preview of what the completed template will look like.


This pre-designed template is 100% customizable so you can showcase any auction item from your event.

Built in Microsoft Word using text boxes and placeholder images, every element of the template can be modified, moved, resized or deleted as you see fit. We want you to have fun with it and make it your own!