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Livestream your event

to add a virtual audience

Add live streaming to your fundraising experience to broadcast

your story everywhere. Create excitement, engage your donors,

and raise money in real-time.


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Let your donors raise their paddle for good

With a live paddle raise element, your donors can choose to sponsor a specific item or activity in your feed. Whether it’s a year of school for a child in Uganda, a brick to help build the new science wing, or groceries to feed a family of four, your donors will love raising their virtual paddles for what they care about most.


Energize your donors with live trivia

It’s simple to add live trivia to any live streaming experience.
Keep your donors engaged and invested throughout the night with unlimited trivia questions themed around your organization’s mission or fundraising goal.

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Make it a flash auction

Share one item at a time and give participants one shot to put in their highest bid. Then, announce the winner in real-time. Flash auctions keep donors on the edge of their seats and accelerate how many bids per item you receive.



Real-time sharable shout-outs

With the live activity feed, everyone will get to watch the donations roll in. When donors give, they will have the option to share a custom message or even a gif to express their excitement.



Pre-register donors for smooth check-out

Eliminate the need for multiple checkouts and solve your abandoned cart issue with donor pre-registration. When donors pre-register for your event, they can open a tab at the beginning of your Livestream and close out at the end of the event, in one smooth transaction.



No extra tech necessary

Livestream directly to your fundraising page via Facebook, Twitch, or YouTube with our platform. Share your message, welcome special guests, and host incredible events.

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Organize everything with
livestream manager 

Control the entire Livestream donor experience from the backend, with this one easy tool. Flip through trivia, ask for specific donations, see who is giving, and more – with the Livestream manager.