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Sales that make fundraising easy

Selling products is simple with our software

for sales fundraisers.

Sell everything from baked goods to donated items,

all from a single fundraising page



Custom sales page

Build a custom page that perfectly matches your brand identity. Upload a logo, text, images and customize your page URL.


Seamless sales listings

List unlimited items on your page with our easy upload system. Choose item features and add your images and descriptions.


Easy payment process

Take advantage of simple sales transaction management. Accept extra donations, get purchase notifications, and automate receipts.

Run product fundraisers with ease using Winspire's platform

A creative platform for sold out sale fundraisers

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Everything you could wish for to launch and run an original sales fundraiser is here.

The Winspire platform is primed to help you create elegant, effortless sales for your organization that will help you achieve ‘sold-out' status.

From easy item listing and built-in promotions to innovative payment flexibility and sales report creation – Winspire is your one-stop-shop for online selling!


Better sales start with enhanced technology

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Winspire makes selling items online a fast and efficient process.

Enjoy a fully customizable platform that showcases your sale items in a just few clicks. Once you have signed up, you can use the full range of exciting fundraising tools.

Create a page, upload your merchandise, and decide which options will suit you best. Kick-off your sale fundraiser and watch your item sales climb!

From bake sales to donated item sales – every sale is better with Winspire.


Free customizable features enhance your online sale for a seamless fundraiser

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Manage your sales from a personalized dashboard

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Easily fulfill orders with instant-access sales reports

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Accept a wide variety of innovative payment options

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Use mobile giving, social sharing and text-to-buy

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Easily process refunds for returned sale items

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Add variations to your items like size, color, and more

SEE HOW TO Create your next fundraising sale online in minutes


How much does raffle fundraising cost with Winspire?

Decide between the free or percent pricing options for your sale fundraiser


There are zero platform fees when you use our free pricing model. Optional donor tips allow us to offer the platform free of charge.

There are no subscriptions, no contracts, and no upfront cost. Winspire’s free pricing helps you keep nearly 100% of the funds you raise.


Sometimes free pricing isn’t a good fit – for instance, when a sponsor covers the costs or you don’t want donors prompted for tips after checkout.

Percent pricing is an alternative to better suit corporate needs. A fixed percent is applied to each donation, and you decide who covers the cost.

Stripe will deduct 2.2% + .30c to process each credit card transaction (or 2.9% + .30c if not a nonprofit)

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Q.Can I sell products like t-shirts in various sizes and colors?
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Create remarkable fundraising experiences!

It’s easier than you think, and it’s more effective than you’d believe.