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Event Fundraising Tips

Typically 1-2 articles per week with insightful content on everything from organizing flawless fundraising events to building meaningful relationships with your donors.


3 Quick Tips for Procuring Quality Auction Items
By Ian Lauth

Make your auction item procurement efforts smoother, more effective and efficient with these simple tips for your next fundraising benefit auction.

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Why Donor Travel Budgets Are The Key to Fundraising Success
By Jeff Cova

Travel budgets offer Nonprofits a huge revenue opportunity when you have donors who consistently set aside money each year to spend on leisure travel.

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3 Tips for Displaying Auction Items to Attract Fierce Bidding
By Jeff Cova

Proper auction item presentation has a direct impact on how much your donors bid and the amount of money you raise at your event.

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Why Surveying Donors Can Boost Fundraising Revenue at Your Next Charity Auction
By Ian Lauth
Learn how surveys can help you learn more about donors, improve future charity auctions and ultimately boost your fundraising revenue. 
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When to Send Traditional vs. Email Invitations for Your Charity Event
By Ian Lauth
Deciding whether to send out traditional invitations or 'evites' for your charity event depends on your target audience and the type of fundraiser you are hosting. 
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