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Our Best Selling No-Risk Travel Packages

The most popular Expriences designed for Nonprofit fundraising events.

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Vacations Your Donors Want Most.

See which packages other Nonprofits are selling the most at their events. Download the latest list of our most popular Experiences.

Winspire Experiences are no-risk travel auction items designed to complement a wide range of event sizes and fundraising strategies. This "Top 10" list is a sample of our most popular packages based on donor activity. 

What does "No-Risk" mean?

There are no sign-up fees and you only purchase an auction item if it sells, making it completely risk-free to use in your event. You also have control over setting the reserve price for each package so you decide how much money you want to raise.

Every charity event is different, so we encourage you to leverage your dedicated Fundraising Specialist to help you select the best travel packages for your audience. 

A dedicated Fundraising Specialist will work with you to:

  • Promote your event using incredible vacation incentives
  • Raise more money by capturing donor travel budgets
  • Save countless hours in the procurement process
  • Cultivate major donors with big-ticket auction items

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