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Improve Your Auction Timeline
Featuring Scott Robertson, Benefit Auctioneer

Certified Benefit Auctioneer Specialist Scott Robertson shares his secrets to maximize the timeline of your charity auction's 3 biggest income generators

Generate Record Auction Profits
Featuring Danny Hooper, Benefit Auctioneer

Certified Benefit Auctioneer Specialist Danny Hooper shares tips and tricks to generate record profits—and avoid common pitfalls

Improve Your Charity Auction

Cutting-edge revenue strategies and proven best practices to help maximize fundraising dollars from your live and silent auctions.

Raise More Money with Travel

Travel is the #1 best selling item in charity auctions. Learn how to turn bucket-list travel packages into dollars for your cause, with no upfront cost to you.


Top Rated Education

98% of webinar attendees rate expert panelists and content as "Great" or "Excellent"

"LOVED the content in this webinar—you covered all the things I've been trying to convince our Board of Directors of for the past several years."

"I really enjoyed the seminar, particularly the slide that addressed the placement of auction items in the line-up.  Handouts are excellent resource materials." ~Joanne B.

"Super webinar! Very candid and eye-opening about how, and for whom, to develop the live auction. It is so hard to convince committees and boards that not everyone in the room needs a live auction item tailored to their spending level, and that packages need to be carefully crafted to appeal to the top tier spenders." ~Sue C.

"I am always looking for new ideas and help with auctions, and this webinar gave me just that."

"The webinar yesterday was extremely helpful. You presented several ideas I hadn’t heard or considered before that we will implement in our preparation.  The Procurement Team Party idea was particularly enlightening, as was the explanation of the consignment vacations. Thank you for what you’re doing." ~Tim L.

"I have done 500+ guest dinners for a major NY nonprofit for years, $500K net. I liked both the information and presentation of today's webinar." ~Lauren J.

"Really enjoyed the webinar yesterday. I found out we are doing a lot of things correctly and need to adjust a few other areas where we got some new ideas." ~Barb B.

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