Get the list of 35 unique, excitingraffle basket ideas.

Having the right grand prize for a fundraising raffle makes it possible for charities to raise tens of thousands of dollars for their causes.

But for most people, knowing more than 1 winner will be drawn is a powerful incentive to buy more tickets! So it's smart to fill out the raffle with a few second-tier or smaller prizes.

One perfect solution: raffle baskets. The contents are relatively simple to get donated and make great gifts that appeal to virtually everyone. A basket fundraising raffle can also be incorporated into larger events like dinners, school carnivals and golf tournaments to raise more funds and momentum.

To get the ball rolling, we have put together 35 ideas for eye-catching, exciting raffle baskets. 

These creative themes and components are sure to make selling tickets in your fundraising basket raffle a breeze. Fill out the form on the right to download the full printable list and share with your raffle committee today.