Free eBook: An Introduction to Procuring Quality Charity Auction Items

An eBook with tips to make auction item procurement more efficient, more effective and easier for your entire team.

  • Get started with procurement: Understand your audience, create a shopping experience, build a procurement team.
  • Brainstorm auction item ideas: Create a wish list, think outside the box, host a "Wish List Party".
  • Tips for procuring items: Develop a procurement packet, teach an effective "Ask", incentivize your procurement team.
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Download Bid Sheet Templates

Silent AuctionBid Sheet Templates

Free professional bid sheet templates designed to get more bids at silent auction fundraisers.

Bid Sheet Template bundle includes:
  • Regular Bid Sheet (.docx)
  • Bid Sheet with Multiple Buy-it-Now (.docx)
  • Bid Sheet with Single Buy-it-Now (.docx)
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Charity Fundraising Auction Catalog [TEMPLATE]

Free professionally designed, 100% customizable Microsoft Word catalog template that showcases your biggest and best auction items.

One of the most effective ways to ignite bidding on your best auction items, plus thank top sponsors and donors, is by creating a charity auction catalog.

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Silent Auction Display Templates

Silent AuctionDisplay Templates

Improve your silent auction with silent auction item display templates that encourage bidders to stop, look and buy.

Display Sheet Template bundle includes:
  • 1-image Silent Auction Item Display (.docx)
  • 2-image Silent Auction Item Display (.docx)
  • 2-image Display with Google+ Screenshot (.docx)
  • User Guide and Instructions (.docx)
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Webinar Library

Together with event fundraising thought leaders from across the United States and Canada, we've curated a series of educational webinars ranging from topics like donor development to event production to no-risk travel and more.

View any webinar from our library on demand, free!

  • Top-rated education: 98% of viewers rate content and expert panelists as "Great" or "Excellent"
  • Practical takeaways: Time-tested revenue strategies to improve fundraising results
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Procurement Packet Starter Kit

Businesses are more likely to donate auction items when presented with professional documents, clear instructions and a persuasive story.

This free resource contains helpful templates to get auction item procurement off the ground. Bundle includes:

  • Donation Form Template (.docx)
  • Procurement Letter Template  (.docx)
  • Form & Letter Examples
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Winspire's Best Selling Auction Items

See what auction items other Nonprofits are selling the most at their events. Download the latest list of our most popular no-risk travel Experiences.

Winspire Experiences are auction items designed to complement your fundraising strategy. Experiences included in this "Top 10" list are a sample of the most popular packages right now based on donor activity.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Every event is unique and we encourage you to leverage your Winspire Event Consultant to help select strategic Experiences to compliment your fundraising strategies.

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400 Auction Item Ideas

Jumpstart your procurement team's next brainstorming session with hundreds of ideas for unique items to use in live or silent auctions.


The success of a charity auction relies on your ability to procure items that cost little to nothing upfront and will ignite fierce bidding. To get the ball rolling, get this list of over 400 ideas for unique, surprising and high quality auction items.

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PowerPoint Templates

Live Auction Item

PowerPoint Templates

For the highest possible bids, pair striking images and video with the exciting chant of your auctioneer.

Showcase the highlights of every live auction item with sleek, 100% customizable slideshow templates.

In the download:
  • Basic instructions
  • Click-to-scroll and autoscroll layout ideas
  • Additional PowerPoint resources and tutorials
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Beginner's Guide to Email Event Promotion

Charity FundraisingBeginner's Guide to Email Event Promotion

An eBook with tips to make event promotion by email more efficient, effective and easier for your entire team.

Topics include:
  • Is traditional or email right for this event?
  • How to choose an Email Service Provider (ESP)
  • "Save the Date" invitation ideas
  • Sample email campaign timeline
  • Bonus Feature! Free, customizable weekly email content calendar template (Excel)
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Checklist Builder is a simple but powerful tool for anyone planning an auction fundraising event. It contains shareable to-do lists that make task delegation simple, plus a wealth of educational resources and time-saving templates. 

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  • Digital, shareable to-do lists that simplify task delegation
  • Time-saving templates and examples
  • Educational resources on auction best practices
  • Proven revenue opportunities your donors haven't seen before
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Hosting a raffle with Winspire Experiences is easy to set up, requires little to no upfront cost and can raise tens of thousands of dollars for your cause!

In a "Winner's Choice" raffle the organizing committee pre-selects a set of packages from the Winspire catalog, giving the winner a choice of their favorite Experience. This raffle kit includes templates for raffle tickets, promotional flyers and email campaigns to help you maximize tickets sales and raise more money for your cause.

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