Get the most out of your email event promotion

The annual fundraising gala is 6 to 12 months away. You’ll spend a huge amount of time and effort planning the program, sorting out details and procuring amazing auction items. Wouldn’t you want to spread the word about the event as far and wide as you can?

Email campaigns empower nonprofits of all sizes to reach more people faster and easier. To help, we developed the brand new Beginner's Guide to Email Event Promotion eBook! It's chock full of best practices and time-saving strategies for effective email marketing.


What you'll learn:

  • Is traditional or email right for this event?
  • How to choose an Email Service Provider (ESP)
  • "Save the Date" invitation ideas
  • Mobile-friendly email design tips
  • Sample email campaign timeline
  • Bonus Feature! Free, 100% customizable email content calendar template (Excel) for planning weekly emails leading up to the event

Download the eBook

We hope the eBook and content calendar empower your nonprofit to reach more people, increase donor participation in the auction, and ultimately generate more revenue for your cause!