The blueprint of a successful fundraising event starts with the foundation.

When you're starting a new event, you come up with ideas: strategies and plans to try the first time. Once you execute ideas a second time, however, they become traditions - and it soon becomes difficult to tell them apart.

What auction traditions are you hanging on to, simply because they're "the way things have always been done"?

Winspire is teaming up with renowned benefit auctioneer Scott Robertson for a webinar all about laying the foundation for years of auction fundraising success. In a free 1-hour session, Robertson will share proven best practices, including tips and tricks to:

  • Communicate your mission
  • Know when and how to pare down the silent auction
  • Procure enough live auction items
  • Find out what donors want to buy
  • Pace your event efficiently

...and lots more! This webinar will be chock-full of practical tips to benefit auction planning newbies and seasoned pros alike. We hope you'll join us!

If you can't make it but are still interested in the content, register anyway and we will send a recording of the webinar after it's over.