To meet ambitious fundraising goals at your next event, revenue doesn’t simply occur.

You need a profit plan that:

  1. Keeps the focus on fundraising throughout the entire evening
  2. Incorporates a wide variety of revenue streams.

One income stream every event should use: the fund-a-need, also known as a special appeal or direct ask.

Direct appeals are the best way to capture donations from supporters who don't see any items they want to buy—or better yet, want to give in addition to their auction winnings.

That said, it's not easy to jump on stage and ask for cash.

This handbook is here to walk you through the nuts and bolts of presenting a strategic, effective fund-a-need at any type of event.

**Bonus Resource: Cash Appeal Recording Form

Included in the handbook is a spreadsheet template for recorders to quickly track and add up cash pledges. Customize the sheet with donation levels appropriate for your event size, type and fundraising goals.

Our 9 Step Process to Better Fund-a-Needs... 
  1. Decide if a fund-a-need is right for your event.
  2. Coordinate the appeal with other revenue streams.
  3. Choose a tangible goal.
  4. Decide when to present the fund-a-need relative to the live auction.
  5. Present an emotional trigger.
  6. Make the ask.
  7. Use bid cards.
  8. Employ recorders.
  9. Recap results.

Download the book for details on all 9 steps.

Fund a Need Handbook Pages

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