44% of event planners say promotion is their #1 challenge. Sound familiar?

When planning an event, time is money: in this case, critical funds that power your cause. To meet ambitious fundraising goals, you’ll need a laser-like focus on the best use of your time. Where will your efforts generate the most return?

One area worth every second: event promotion.

Generating publicity about a fundraising event drives ticket sales, sponsorships and donations. We designed this handbook to help nonprofits of all sizes put together a cohesive, effective promotion strategy on a shoestring budget.


Our 10 Step Process to Effective Event Promotion... 
  1. Foster an event community.
  2. Center promotion on your cause.
  3. Create an action plan for selling tickets.
  4. Set up a dedicated event website.
  5. Launch an email campaign.
  6. Launch a social media campaign.
  7. Promote the event’s “sizzle” (like premium auction items, special raffles & entertainment).
  8. Distribute printed collateral.
  9. Find media sponsorships.
  10. Network and share via word-of-mouth.

Download the handbook for details on all 10 steps.

event promo handbook preview

Nonprofits Love the Handbook Series

"I just received your latest email containing the valuable download with handbook tools for live auctions, silent auctions and sponsorship. Once again I am WOWED by Winspire's commitment to our industry, and by your incredible generosity in freely sharing knowledge that has obviously taken years to collect, test, and polish."

~Sue C., Fundraising Event Producer