Few fundraisers are more lucrative than charity auctions—or more complex to plan.

Charity auctions, when successful, combine sponsorships, winning bids, ticket sales and special appeals to raise anywhere from $50,000 to $1 million in one night. To raise that kind of money may require more expertise than you'd expect.

Wouldn't it be great having an expert by your side to advise on best practices and suggest hidden opportunities?

Enter: the new Live Auction Fundraising Handbook.

For months we have been developing a comprehensive resource for auction planners of all experience levels. We are proud to unveil the Live Auction Fundraising Handbook for your immediate download, absolutely free!

What's covered in this Handbook?


1) Procure auction items strategically.
2) Go after best-selling items.
3) Hire a benefit auctioneer.
4) Sequence live auction items.
5) Display items effectively.
6) Sell multiples of one auction item.
7) Stick to an airtight agenda.
Winspire handbook pages preview

What Nonprofits Are Saying

"I just received your latest email containing the valuable download with handbook tools for live auctions, silent auctions and sponsorship. Once again I am WOWED by Winspire's commitment to our industry, and by your incredible generosity in freely sharing knowledge that has obviously taken years to collect, test, and polish."

~Sue C., Fundraising Event Producer