How can you make donors fall in love with your event?

It's all about the Guest Experience.

A critical step to hosting a successful fundraising event: Turn donors into your biggest champions. The better the guest experience, the more donors are likely to give - and spread the word about your event next year.

Winspire has teamed up with benefit auctioneer Renee Jones of National Fundraising Solutions for a webinar all about developing donors into cheerleaders for your cause. In this free 1-hour session, Jones draws from nearly 3 decades' experience to share tips and best practices to:

  • Improve the Guest Experience
  • Develop donors into cheerleaders for your cause
  • Assign Necessary Roles (staffing, volunteers, chair, other VIPs)
  • Request Donations
  • Try New Revenue Streams

...and more! This webinar is chock-full of practical tips to benefit auction planning newbies and seasoned pros alike. We hope you enjoy!