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Transform your auction with Winspire's premiere travel auction packages.
Captivate major donors, engage new contributors, and amplify your funds raised.
Best of all? They're risk-free; only pay for the experiences that get a winning bid.





Elevate your fundraising game with our premium, full-service travel auction packages.
By keeping major donors' preferences at the forefront, we've curated packages that not only stand out but also, on average, secure more contributions than typical auction packages.
Experience fundraising, redefined.

Transform Your Next Fundraiser With Winspire's No-Risk Travel Experiences. Contact a Winspire advisor to begin.

With no upfront costs—save resources until a donor commits. You’ll only pay for what sells at your event, every dollar above the non-profit price goes directly to your cause. Let's craft a journey that benefits your cause. Let's get started today!

Top-Notch Experiences, Every Time

The Winspire Difference

Your brand's reputation travels. Ensure it's first-class with Winspire.

Not all travel experiences are equal. 
Every Winspire package is accompanied by our exclusive Booking & Concierge Services, ensuring every traveler enjoys a smooth and delightful journey from start to finish. Our experienced travel team assists with every travel-related detail and reservation, offering a hassle-free process. Whether arranging extra hotel nights, airfare, or accommodating additional guests, we act as a personal travel agency, turning every experience into an unforgettable voyage for your donors.
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No Risk: Our Commitment to You

We're committed to ensuring your auction is a soaring success. It's free to use our services.
There are no sign up fees, no usage fees and you only purchase something if it sells.
Dive into our no-risk pledge by watching the video below.

The Best Auction Packages

Experience the Winspire difference with our selection of exquisite, one-of-a-kind travel experiences, thoughtfully crafted to captivate and enchant major donors.

Fijian Oceanfront Oasis: 7-Night Private Beach Villa for 4

Indulge in a captivating seven-night oceanfront retreat at Fiji’s illustrious Beach Villas at Nanuku Resort. This package resonates with major donors craving exclusivity and elegance, featuring private plunge pools, exquisite outdoor dining, and the renowned Winspire booking and concierge service.

Tuscany Escape: 7-Night Culinary Journey & Scenic Escape for 2

Indulge in the culinary treasures and scenic wonders of Rome & Tuscany! This experience offers gourmet delights, immersive tours, and luxurious stays in renowned resorts, captivating the hearts of discerning donors.

Captivating Croatia: 5-Night Exploration & Epicurean Journey for 2

Unravel the mysteries of Dubrovnik in style! This package lures major donors with the promise of exclusive walks through history, gourmet escapades, and serene sunsets. A journey of luxury, culture, and stunning scenery awaits in the heart of Croatia.

Soul Of Africa: 6-Night All-Inclusive Safari Retreat for 2

Experience Zimbabwe’s beauty & diversity with this luxurious package. It combines thrilling safari adventures with calming sunset cruises, delivering an exclusive, enchanting escape into the heart of Africa’s breathtaking wilderness

Ireland Adventure: 6-Night Scenic Adventure for 2

Embark on a captivating journey through Ireland! Explore historic castles, navigate pristine lakes, and discover Gaelic gems, making it a favorite for discerning donors seeking distinctive, memorable adventures. Includes luxurious stays, scenic tours, and exclusive Guinness Storehouse access.

Mystical Iceland Encounter: 5-Night Natural Wonders Exploration for 2

Discover Iceland’s geothermal wonders and celestial displays! A favorite for those seeking the extraordinary, this package offers a combination of raw natural beauty, luxury, and exclusive adventures, creating a mesmerizing experience.

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