Pro Tip: Only rent a professional sound system if you want to raise money.

As competition between charities grows, donor dollars get stretched thinner and thinner. To lead a successful charity auction today, the event must stand out - and that requires entertaining the crowd.

To keep the crowd focused and engaged throughout the live auction, hiring A/V and sound professionals is a must.

Winspire is teaming up with Keith Fox of Fox Fundraising & Auctions for a webinar all about auction audio. In the free 1-hour session, Fox will draw from 35 years' experience to discuss the ins and outs of sound, including:

  • What events require professional sound?
  • What to consider when comparing different sound companies
  • The basics of room acoustics
  • Using projectors and screens
  • How to work with a live band or DJ
  • Tips when using microphones and speakers

...and lots more! This webinar is chock-full of practical tips to benefit auction planning newbies and seasoned pros alike. We hope you'll check it out!