Raise Thousands of Dollars
From Spontaneous, Night-of Donations

The Wildcard Auction™ is an entertaining, fast-paced revenue opportunity that can raise tens of thousands of dollars for your cause—without requiring any extra time or resources to procure items!

How it works: The auctioneer asks guests to donate unique, exciting items and experiences to the live auction (think box seats at a sporting event, backstage access to a local venue, a catered dinner and more). Guests describe their donations on index cards and turn them in. The auctioneer then chooses the best entries and auctions them off, right then and there!

Our Wildcard Auction form resources make it simple to collect information from donors and buyers.

Simply tell us a bit about your event on the right. You'll instantly receive:

  • Printable Wildcard Auction form (PDF)
  • Customizable Wildcard Auction template (Word Doc)

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For more on the Wildcard Auction, including a step-by-step guide and instructional video, check out:


"Wildcard Auction: This Revenue Opportunity Raises $10,000+ Out of Thin Air [VIDEO]"