The more event sponsorships you obtain, the more event dollars go to your cause.

Fundraising events offer many benefits to nonprofits, including a chance to engage donors, promote awareness for your cause and have fun. But the #1 reason we have events? To raise money. That means netting as much revenue as you can while trimming expenses.

Securing event sponsorships is a practical way to do both.

In this handbook, we’ll explain the nuts and bolts of all you need to succeed, and the key is this: Focus on what potential sponsors want.


Charity Auction Handbook Series

If you like this handbook, we invite you to download our entire suite of Charity Auction Handbooks. This multi-part series details best practices for the most common aspects of major fundraising events—all free of charge! Available now:

  1. Live Auction
  2. Silent Auction
  3. Event Sponsorship
  4. Raffles & Games
What's covered in this Handbook?


1) What is sponsorship?
2) Put yourself in sponsors’ shoes.
3) Establish enticing rewards.
4) Compile potential sponsors.
5) Develop your pitch.
6) Find underwriters for big-ticket live auction items.
7) Make the asks!
8) Thank and follow up with sponsors.
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What Nonprofits Are Saying

"I just received your latest email containing the valuable download with handbook tools for live auctions, silent auctions and sponsorship. Once again I am WOWED by Winspire's commitment to our industry, and by your incredible generosity in freely sharing knowledge that has obviously taken years to collect, test, and polish."

~Sue C., Fundraising Event Producer