Winspire Silent Auction Starters

Silent Auction Starters

Instant Silent Auction Items

Incredible travel packages designed for your silent auction tables.

Lower Price Point: With prices ranging from $700 - $2,950 and a wide selection of unique travel packages to choose from, this catalog helps you target new donor groups and add variety to your silent auction.

Ready in Minutes: Every silent auction item comes with a printable 8.5"x11" display and pre-filled bid sheet ready for the auction tables, making Silent Auction Starters a quick and easy way to add amazing travel packages to your fundraiser.

No-Risk Auction Items: There are no sign up fees, no usage fees and you only purchase a silent auction item if it raises money at your event. You also have complete control over the reserve or Buy-it-Now price to set your minimum Nonprofit Revenue.

Click on the silent auction items below to view the package details. Add the trips you want to use to mySuitcase. Once reserved, simply download the display materials, place them on your silent auction tables and let the bidding begin! 

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Buy-it-Now Strategy

Every silent auction item comes with a pre-filled bid sheet and a suggested Buy-it-Now price set at 20% above the Nonprofit Price.

→ Click Here to view a sample package with display PDF and pre-filled bid sheet.

You can modify the Buy-it-Now price or set a reserve if you're using the highest bid approach.

The Buy-it-Now strategy removes the competition over a single item and encourages multiple guests to buy the same package (although they can redeem it separately).

Selling packages multiple times leads to more money raised overall because you are doubling, tripling or even quadrupling the revenue generated with a single silent auction item.

Silent Auction Items Ready in Minutes

After reserving one or more of these packages in mySuitcase, simply download the display materials and you instantly have turn-key items for the silent auction tables. 


Reserving Packages is Easy

Offering these travel packages in your silent auction is just a few clicks away.

  1. Click on your favorite Silent Auction Starters above.
  2. Review the package details and pick the versions best suited for your audience.
  3. Add to mySuitcase and then reserve for your event.
  4. Download and print the display materials, put these on the auction table and let the bidding begin!

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